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ADA Website Compliance

ADA Website Compliance

Make Sure Your Website Is ADA Compliant for just $899

Are You Meeting Website ADA Compliance RequirementsWhy Your Website Should Comply with ADA Guidelines in 2020 While it wasn’t perfect, the ADA (meaning the Americans with Disabilities Act) made public spaces significantly more accessible to people with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking spaces are some of the more noticeable ways the ADA accommodates people with disabilities; however, in the digital realm, website ADA compliance is less clearcut.

That’s where we come in.

Recent court decisions have indicated that Websites need to be ADA Compliant so that all persons, regardless of their abilities, should be able to fully use your website. Curious how that is done?
Our ADA Website Compliance Service makes your current site compliant within one week.


Need help becoming ADA compliant?

Achieving ADA compliance for your website can seem challenging, especially if your web design and development team doesn’t have much time available. Becoming ADA compliant, however, is critical, as a lawsuit could cost your business thousands of dollars.

If you want to make your website ADA accessible now, versus later, We can help.
With our ADA compliance services, our experienced web design and development team can ensure your site meets ADA standards. Learn more about how our team can help by contacting us today.


What if your website isn’t ADA compliant?

Unfortunately, if your website isn’t ADA accessible, you are liable.

A lawsuit, for example, could be filed against your company if people with disabilities cannot access or use your site. Even if your business didn’t intend to discriminate or exclude people with disabilities from  using your website, you could pay thousands of dollars in lawsuits.
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