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Social Media Marketing

Using social media to your business’ advantage is not just a perk but in this day and age, it is practically mandatory. But the idea itself evolved from publishing when businesses wanted to create interest in their product or service. Soon, social media platforms were being used for word-of-mouth reasons to boost sales.

Today, this realm of marketing involves so much more than just pushing content. It can be used to monitor conversations about the brand itself. Likes, shares, engagement with posts in general and tags are also extremely helpful indicators.

These platforms can also be used to understand better ways of serving the brand’s customers—loyal and new ones—by using them as informal channels of customer service.

Businesses can also use this data to understand their appeal among different demographics and target new ones thanks to the wealth of data that is provided by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Now, every business decides the kind of audience it wants to reach and creates ads on social media for those highly targeted groups of individuals. This is referred to as social media advertising and the entire process is called social media management or SMM. This includes creating posts in text, publishing pictures and videos and making content that, in general, creates a discussion among the audience about your products and servicing. This also includes paid advertising.

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